Phonetic Deception

Simply put: In this map, if two letters are connected with an arrow then that means that there exists a word in English which starts with the first letter but is pronounced as the second letter.

English is weird language. There are words with letters that are silent or pronounced very differently to their normal phonetic pronunciation. So, I tried to graph all these letters to see the connections and relations. I focused only on the starting letter. Plotting a network of the alphabet such that alliterative phonetics are connected and mapped using words starting with silent letters was daunting. But I finally got to this graph:A network of the alphabet such that all letters that appear at the start of a word as a silent letter or are pronounced in a phonetic different than that of their usual pronunciation.For example, M in mnemonic is silent, so one can go from M to N in the map.P -> F : PhoneG -> N : GnomeH -> A : Hour 

You can click and drag the letters in the graph to interact and have a better view. When you hover over any letter, examples of words that start with that letter are shown. Again, these words are pronounced different to the regular initial phoneme. You can view this graph in full screen or print/download it using the option menu on the top-right corner of the graph.


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